Religious Oppression & Nazi Religion

circa 1999 | Take a look

My group was chosen to research and teach the class about Nazi Religion & Religious Oppression. We were required to use several visual presentations to show the class. Our group chose to do a site as one of the visuals. I volunteered to create it and the webquest that comes with it. This site is very simple so it’s easy for our classmates to navigate it.

tenshiYue v6 // Summer Sailormoon

tenshiYue 6 // Summer Sailormooncirca summer 2002

This is version 6 of my now defunct AsianAvenue website featuring the inner senshi from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SailorStars sans ChibiChibi and Rei.

tenshiYue v5 // Ryan Gosling

circa 2002

This is version 5 of my now defunct AsianAvenue website featuring Ryan Gosling.

tenshiYue v7 // Oliver Wood

circa 2002

This is version 7 of my now defunct AsianAvenue website. The layout features Sean Biggerstaff as Oliver Wood in the first two Harry Potter films.


circa 2002 | Take a look

This is my Independent Project for high school featuring the culmination on my research about my topic, e-commerce. The website received a perfect score (200/200).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

circa 2001 | Take a look

One of our web projects to show what we’ve learned from class. Students can choose their own topic; however, all websites must utilize frames, have at least 5 pages, have an email link, and have an animated image we’ve done ourselves.

The Slayer’s Crypt (Into the Abyss)

circa 1998 (closed in 2004)

One of my first forays into website coding. As you can tell, back then, there wasn’t really much to web design. I can’t find the original file, but I found this cached page courtesy of WayBackMachine. You can take a look at old snapshots of my site by using or as the search URLs.

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