+ + + OZ;the werewolf

"This is making the kind of sense that's not."


Character name: Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
Job: student; guitarist of "Dingoes Ate My Baby"

Since seeing her as an Eskimo, Oz has been enamoured by Willow. He always utter, "Who IS that girl?", every time Willow crosses his path. After revealing himself as a werewolf, he and Willow became closer. He eventually became her boyfriend and secured a place among the Scooby Gang. He is well-known for his short but expressive sentences.


Played by: Seth Green
Date of birth: February 8, 1974

Seth Green is best known for his role as Scott Evil in the Austin Powers movie chain. He and Alyson Hannigan, who played Willow, have known each other for a long time. Before his role as Oz, he played her romantic interest in the movie, My Stepmother Is An Alien. Out of the original Buffy cast members he is the only one who appeared in the Buffy movie. Unfortunately, his part was left on the cutting room floor.

Photos courtesy of the book, Sunnydale High School Yearbook