+ + + WILLOW;the witch best friend

"You're the Slayer and we're like your Slayerettes."


Character name: Willow Rosenberg
Job: student

Willow Rosenberg grew up in Sunnydale all her life with her best friend, Xander Harris. But, when Buffy came to town, she is instantly befriended by Buffy who tells her to "Seize the day because tomorrow you might be dead". As Willow gathers confidence through the series, she is no doubt one of Buffy's strongest and most loyal allies.


Played by: Alyson Hannigan
Date of birth: March 24, 1974

Alyson Hannigan plays shy, smart, computer hacker Willow. Although she was not the original actress to play Willow, she got the part with the help of her good friend, SMG, who plays Buffy. Unlike her character on the show, Alyson is one of the show's pranksters and has been reported to have "pantsed" Nicky Brendon during a BtVS episode shooting. She has starred in movies like "My Stepmother is An Alien" (with former series regular, Seth Green) and the "American Pie" movie series. To date, she is married to Angel cast member, Alexis Denisof (Wesley).

Photos courtesy of the book, Sunnydale High School Yearbook