There are many types of payment options used in transactions. some, like credit cards, are widely used while Cybermoola and i-Checks are not.

Internet cashcards purchased at convenience stores. A special software allows merchants to communicate with the vendors' servers.
Cybermoolacards purchased at stores at the mall or online. Parents can put a limit on the network of merchants their children can buy from (Gutzman 282).
Paypalaccounts are funded with a credit card or a transfer from a checking or savings account. The system automatically recharges the account from the credit card provided (Gutzman 283).
Electronic checks (i-Checks)the same as regular checks except that the i-check is made and exchanged online.
Electronic walletcash payments using an Internet service. The payment is released from the customer's virtual or actual bank account and send to the vendor's account (Smith, Speaker, & Thompson 160).
Credit cards